We live in a difficult time, but that does not mean that we can no longer have fun safely.

This type of activity does not present any risk factor for contagion from Covid-19 when carried out professionally.

After more than 5 years of games togher with you, a Staff that has been collaborating for years and two venues that are perfectly compliant with the law, we would like to call ourselves professionals of entertainment.

Let’s see together why.

No coexistence with strangers.

During your stay within our facility, you are guaranteed not to find yourself in closed spaces with strangers to your group – with the exception of only one member of our staff (equipped with personal protective equipment)


In fact, your game does not include the intervention of actors, much less the possibility that other subjects come into contact with your group, so the people you come to play with (your friends, colleagues, relatives) are the unique that you will meet during your stay at our facility.

No entrance of anyone with a temperature above 37.5.


We ask both the staff and our guests to measure the temperature before entering the premises with contactless detection.

This allows us to effectively monitor the situation, without however invading the privacy of our customers. Where a higher temperature is detected, access to the roomshop  will not be allowed in any way, obviously without any further consequences.

Sanitization of the game environments before the game.

Our staff has been trained with courses recognized by the WHO for the prevention of the spread of Covid-19, and proceeds regularly at the end of each game to sanitize the game rooms and the most used objects before the next game.

Sanitizing gel for the hands, spare masks, gloves are provided both at the reception and in the games areas.

Individual safety devices provided by us.

We provide you with sanitizing gel, mask and gloves for free.

The premises are air conditioned in summer and winter, there is no bother to wear safety devices.

Depending on what the current legislation provides at that time, the use of the mask will be required or not during the game.

We recommend its use anyway.

In the summer season, we understand the use of gloves to be almost unsustainable, but we recommend that you use them during the more temperate months: the ones we provide are lattex-free and do not bother you.

With gloves and a mask you can play 100% safe.

No “full book” – Monday to Sunday.

We have limited the maximum number of players in 3 adventures and closed our historic Pyramid so as not to create any kind of gathering both inside and outside the venues.

Each adventure now has a different start and end time from all the others and you will not meet with others even outside the club.

Let’s continue to have fun together: here we play safely!