Milan Escape Room

Team Building for Organisations

Are you tired of the office routine?
Put your problem-solving skills to the test in an original, exciting way!

Discover the Trap Escape Room for your company events and team building activities in Milan with your colleagues and collaborators. A modern, engaging group game that encourages cooperation and provides an opportunity to spend an hour of unbridled fun and adventure together!

Our escape rooms in Milan are a challenge that requires cooperation, observation skills and quick thinking.

An escape room is ideal for team building: participants have fun working in a group in a “better together” spirit. Participants have to find and decipher clues to solve puzzles and uncover the mystery. Cooperation is essential!

The room scenography has been studied in detail to help you to embrace and believe in the setting and story from the word go.  


Are you thinking of organizing a team building session in the Trap Milano Escape Room?

 There are no limits or language barriers: even colleagues who don’t speak Italian can easily play.

 There are no tiring trials and no great physical fitness is required. All you need is comfortable clothes and a good dose of intuition!

Our Escape Rooms are designed to give everyone the chance to have fun and try their hand at solving puzzles.

 No participant excluded. Will you be good enough to solve the mystery within one hour and cross the finish line together?

The Escape Room is perfect for a corporate team-building outing, celebrating a work milestone, a colleague’s birthday, or just to say goodbye – in an original and fun way – before the holidays.

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If you’re thinking of organising some team building at the Escape Room in Milan, try the legendary “Pirate Cave”, the largest secret room designed to accommodate up to 14 players in a fascinating setting steeped in mystery and adrenaline.

 “Pirate Cave” is proving extremely successful: it is increasingly popular with companies and groups of colleagues trying out the escape game in Milan for their team building.

For larger groups, we offer the option of running multiple game sessions at the same time:

 Trap Milano can host up to a maximum of 58 players at the same time across both locations (and up to 29 players in the same location).

Don’t hesitate to contact us to organize escape games, send an email to explaining your requirements: we have the experience to organize something really special and turn your Team Building into an event you’ll still be talking about years later!

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Why choose team building at the Escape Room?

It encourages collaboration and listening skills.

Develops problem-solving and decision-making

It forges cooperation and communication.

Say goodbye to the everyday routine!

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