Milan Escape Room

Milan Escape for Students

A teaching escape room in Milan for school trips (primary, lower and upper secondary)

Offering play rooms suitable for children of all ages, Trap Milano is a great venue for city trips or extra-curricular activities for pupils from primary through to high school.

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Escape room in Milan for schools and students: why should you try it?

Escape rooms are popular with adults and also children from primary through lower and upper secondary school who love playing at detectives, explorers and investigators.

 An escape room is an ideal activity for school trips and outings: it’s a team game that requires cooperation, communication and collaboration, as well as observation skills and quick-thinking.

 It’s not only fun, it’s also constructive, helping to train the mind and hone logical-deductive reasoning.

Children enjoy the group side of it, in an “all for one” spirit. Participants have to work together to decipher clues, solve puzzles and find a way out of the secret room.

 Trap Milano’s secret rooms are studied in detail to create unique and fascinating settings: the labyrinthine interiors of an Egyptian pyramid, a ghost pirate ship, a mysterious house in the woods, a remote scientific base at the edge of the world… players have to work together to complete the narrative plot and spend an alternative and constructive  afternoon, learning through play!

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Escape Room for children of all ages, how does it work?

Solve a mystery, hunt for clues and figure out how to use the information collected to overcome a challenge: to do so, students are required to use their intuition, logic, time management and problem solving skills to achieve a common goal: escape.

Participants have the help of a Game Master, the rooms require no physical effort, just comfortable clothing and a willingness to put yourself to the test.

 The game is designed to give everyone the chance to be an active part of the plot, no one excluded.

The maximum number of participants varies from room to room, from a minimum of 7 to a maximum of 13 in “Pirate Cave”, one of the most popular rooms, along with “The Pyramid”.

 For large groups we can run multiple game sessions at the same time:

 Trap Milano can host a maximum of 48 players at the same time across both venues (and up to 26 players at a single venue).

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Why is the Escape Room a learning experience?

It encourages collaboration and listening skills.

It hones reasoning and problem solving skills.

It forges cooperation and communication between students.

Fun guaranteed for all students!

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